All Testimonials

All Testimonials

  • Gwen DelaCosta

    I was in a car accident a few years back and had lower back pains that still bothered me after going to many sessions of massage and physical therapy.  I was introduced to Kelly by my husband.   She had helped him get back into shape and he felt that she would be a good match for me.   Boy was he right!!

    Kelly is a great trainer and really knows her stuff.   She is tough, but also very approachable and not intimidating, as I felt some trainers could be.  After many sessions with Kelly’s skill and knowledge, I can honestly say that I am in less pain but also feel much healthier all around.

  • Meenu Bakshi

    Capable, caring, committed and compassionate.  All of these words start with a ‘C’, but end with Kelly!  Her knowledge and expertise in human kinetics, rehabilitation and nutrition makes her a remarkable personal trainer; when considered with her character and heart, it’s plain to see that Kelly is an extraordinary human being.

    Kelly and I met in January 2013.  She proactively called me because she reviewed the details of my gym membership and saw that I was inactive…very inactive.  Her timing was impeccable as I was finally committed to getting back to being my healthy and cheerful self after 5 years of difficult life experiences that consisted of the loss of my mom and my best friend, as well as health challenges.

    “Through Kelly’s encouragement, butt-kicking and perseverance, she helped me recover from my injuries, taught me how to eat properly and elevated my training capabilities. Within one year, I was back in superior athletic form.  Today I am stronger, fitter and thinner than I was as a provincial championship basketball player.”

    With Kelly’s guidance, insight and support I have achieved what I once thought was impossible: being in better shape than I was in my early 20’s.  Just look, at the pictures; at the age of 39 I’m living proof that you can age backwards!


  • Donald MacDonald

    Growing up as an outdoorsman, I learned early on in life that in order to find your direction and arrive at your destination you needed a compass.  It required training and confidence in its use, but more importantly you needed to have TRUST in it. Kelly has gained my TRUST, earned my respect, and is my life coach and compass as I enter into my golden years. I have learned to take her advice and act on it to keep fit and injury free.

    “I would say to her that the pain is here, but she would say “yes, but the problem is somewhere else, and that is the area we need to work on”.  Today I can take long walks, hike, mountain climb, bike, and exercise pain free.”

    I had been experiencing different pains leading into my retirement years, such as neck and low back pain, sciatica and knee pain.  I tried to learn by reading books and understand by looking at tutorial pics, but her one on one instruction allowed me to fully understand the movement.  Her direction for me at 63 was not to become a bodybuilder, but to strength train my muscles for whole body movement and balance which in turn is giving me a fit body and also combating the natural aging process. I would think that I have mastered a movement only to have her improve the technique by “keep your back straight, exhale, don’t bend your wrist, retract your back, elbows up, etc.”.  When I perfected the movement and was very proud of it she would further challenge me and say “now, do it with your eyes closed” and it would be like starting at a new level of balance. I used to get a sore neck while riding my bike, and she made adjustments for proper form and the pain was gone; now I’m back to enjoying the beautiful scenery.

    Spending time in the gym everyday was not for me.  I wanted to have routines that I could do in my home.  Also, I did not have to invest a fortune on training equipment.  Actually, during the past couple of years, I have spent less than one hundred dollars on rollers, elastic resistant bands, weights, and a rubber ball.  She has taken on a personal ownership for my overall wellness and over two years I have lost 31lbs!  A lot of the credit goes to her specific nutritional advice and her constant encouragement (a nice way to say it!).

    There are so many training programs out there, but the key to my success was Kelly’s understanding and recognition of my individual requirements.  For example, after a recent hernia operation she modified my program to shift the focus to allow the proper healing to take place. I am personally motivated by the positive results to keep moving forward as I follow her compass directions, the course she has set for me, while reaping the enjoyable benefits along this life journey.

    “Spending time in the gym everyday was not for me.  I wanted to have routines that I could do in my home.”

  • Babs B Babs B

    Kelly MacDonald is a phenomenal trainer. But for me, she was never just my trainer. Kelly was my nutritionist, therapist, cheerleader, and my greatest motivator. She always pushed me to be the best version of myself every day. You will fall in love with her on the first day.

  • Mike Unrau

    With Kelly’s guidance, knowledge and training programs, I lost 33lbs in 5 months!

  • Joan Pauls

    At 198lbs, my new personal trainer Kelly gave me a fitness goal of losing 40lbs. Being 73 years old I thought she was crazy thinking she could even get 10lbs off of me!!  Then she had me doing food and water log and had me not only training but doing “homework” workouts. Not only did Kelly show me how to properly use the exercise machines, she taught me the importance and how to use all the free weights and body weight exercises. Before I knew it, I was using the TRX, and BOSU ball too! She gave me great ideas for meals and snacks and had me work to fulfill my potential always pushing me to get better. At the weekly weigh-ins she looked at my “fat” percentage while some weeks I lost 3lbs, others 1 or 2. The unbelievable result was my mobility and balance.

    “At age 73 I had come to accept my aches and pains. I did not know these aches and pains could be fixed. Kelly was able to put together exercises that strengthened my back muscles, so that after a month I began to be without pain when I would bend over. I called her my miracle worker!”

    I worked out with her twice a week. She also would write our exercise programs for me for the other days and workouts if I would be travelling. When I bought my membership at the gym I was totally INTIMIDATED by EVERYTHING. I had not been in a gym since high school (55 years ago). Kelly helped me to become knowledgeable and comfortable with it. On July 27th, 2014 my 52-year-old son (a football coach) challenged and encouraged me to do the grouse grind-it was killer but I did it in 2 hours 18 mins. It had been an unattainable goal- something only the athletic types do. My husband started getting fit in Spring of 2013. He constantly urged me to join him, my excuses were no time, no energy, and my body was too old to change.  Sept., 2014 at my yearly physical check-up, my doctor couldn’t believe the transformation and told me “I was in spectacular health and shape” I am now on no medications at 74 years old.

    I enjoy life with its many activities and say a big thanks you to Kelly MacDonald - a remarkable trainer. I have learned a totally new lifestyle for the first time. I know I can live this way to be 100 years old according to my doctor!!!!

    My wish is to encourage every person that it’s never too late to start to change your lifestyle especially after 70! You don’t need to live with aches and pains if you get stronger muscles!! Not only do I sleep much better and feel fabulous, it’s a bonus changing my entire wardrobe to a size XS, and a 4 or 6!

  • Marj Talento

    When I first met Kelly at the age of 38, I was the true definition of “skinny fat” – I looked skinny but it was all fat. It was my personal goal to be in the best shape by the time I turned 40 so I thought personal training was the perfect route to reach this goal. I hadn’t worked out for over a year due to a back injury and needed the motivation to get into shape cause I hated going to the gym.  My co-worker introduced me to Kelly and told me that she had a kinesiology background, so she would probably be the right fit for me. Needless to say, my co-worker was definitely right – more than she knows it.

    “Don’t let Kelly’s sweet face fool you – she is one tough trainer yet has the heart of gold. Not only did Kelly help make my back stronger but she made me fit. For the first time in my life, I saw definition in my arms, legs, back and glutes.I never thought having muscles was sexy but she knew what workouts I needed to do in order to make me defined and toned, yet still have a body that was very feminine.”

    The one thing I always struggled with was my stomach. I didn’t need that 6 pack but I wanted to at least have a flat tummy.  Kelly always told me that if I wanted to reach that goal, I needed to re-evaluate my diet. I love my sweets, chips and wine. I travel a lot for work; therefore, I tend to eat out a lot and never really made healthy choices.  I didn’t listen to her until one day, out of the blue, Kelly sent me a long text message telling that she wanted me to reach my goal of a flatter stomach more than I wanted it and it shouldn’t work that way since I was paying her.  From then on, I realized that she just cared so much for me and wanted me to succeed.  I had to provide weekly food logs and weigh-ins.  I hated them but I knew it was the only way I would be accountable. Kelly even started meal prepping for me and was able to slowly but surely, lose the weight in my stomach.

    I’ve had trainers in the past but Kelly by far is the best I’ve ever had.  I have never felt stronger or healthier.  She helped me build my self-confidence and was able to start wearing clothes that I used to dream of looking good in. She pushed me at every work out even through my endless complaining.  In between my training days, Kelly would check in on me to see what I ate, how much water I drank but most of all, if I had foam rolled.   There were times she would challenge me to do things that she was doing as well, such as just drinking a gallon of water every day.  It was nice to know that my trainer is not just barking exercises at me but truly supporting me through her personal fitness goals too – Kelly was my teammate.

    Thank you, Kelly for helping me reach my goals when I turned 40 and making me more fit and more knowledgeable about diet and fitness. You are the best trainer out there

  • Taniesha Hayer

    I started out wanting to get into shape but not having enough confidence to go to the gym. Kelly trained me at a studio and helped me so much. I had shoulder problems and couldn’t work out fully, but Kelly got me into a routine rolling my shoulder out with these balls. It helped and made it so I could fully execute the movement. She helped me get over the gym stigma and now I can go! I am so grateful for what she did for me, she helped me lose weight and better, get my life back on the healthy track!

  • Mandy Cheung

    Thank you so much for making such a fantastic workout program for me since 2014.  I have lost almost 17lbs since starting your program and am a lot stronger.  I’m so excited that not only my clothing sizes’ getting smaller, my doctor approved me to cut half of my blood pressure and cholesterol medication, which means my health status has a big improvement!  You taught me how to eat healthy, we had jokes always during the gym time.  Thank you again for everything you did with me.  I’m so happy to know you and sincerely wish you all the best in the future

  • Kiran Athwal

    My boys and I truly miss training with Kelly.  She started us on our fitness journey and we are extremely grateful for having her train us. Her guidance, support, and patience have helped us immensely. She is an amazing trainer who sincerely cares about her clients.  I have seen a drastic improvement in myself and my two boys.  We not only learned how to work out correctly, but also how to eat the right foods and the importance of meal prep. We highly recommend Kelly and wish she would move back to BC!

  • Evelyn Ko

    I was not a very active person. Three years ago, I finally decided to take my health seriously and joined a fitness club.  I was assigned by the club to have my personal fitness evaluation done with a female personal trainer.  Little did I know that this amazing, wonderful, kind and genuine trainer, Kelly, has become my “personal” trainer for all these years.

    Kelly didn’t just show me how to properly do exercises so that I won’t hurt myself…she also designed specific workout routines for me to do both at the gym and at home to meet my fitness goals.  She also motivated me and kept me accountable to meeting my goals through educating me about my meal plans.

    Today, I am stronger because of all the training that Kelly did with me. If it was not for Kelly, I don’t think I would ever attempt weight training…let alone 95lbs back squat or single arm row with 35lb dumbbells!!  Thank you, Kelly, for everything that you have contributed to my fitness journey!

  • Raman Sandhu

    Kelly is an Amazing Personal Trainer! You know this is her Passion, as she looks after her clients’ needs even beyond her training sessions. Kelly constantly challenged me physically by giving me hard workouts, homework exercises to complete on my own and a personalized training plan to keep me in check. She also helped me create a customized meal plan with foods that I enjoy to eat, and the best times I should eat them so I can lose weight.

    “Kelly’s background in Kinesiology really helped me in dealing with my knee injury. I always struggled with knee and hip pain, and not only did Kelly work on my issues in our sessions, but she taught me exercises I can do on my own so I can exercise properly.”

    What I love the best about Kelly is her ability to always be there for her clients. She responds quickly to personal calls and messages and provided me with unconditional support and mentorship when I needed that extra push. If you’re someone who wants to develop strength, be physically challenged and looking for personalized meal planning support, I strongly recommend you contact Kelly ASAP!

  • Joanne Phung

    As someone who has very limited range of motion in their right arm by birth, working out was always something I thought was impossible and being overly conscious about the way I looked while working out made it doubly difficult to drag myself to work out. Kelly was able to cater and customize workouts that I could do; she ultimately brought out my confidence in using weights, and machines other than the treadmill.

    I remember at the start of our time together, I was always hesitant to do anything she asked of me because I kept thinking that I couldn’t do it. I remember barely lunging across the room without feeling wobbly followed by a few days of unbearable burning anytime I used stairs. I was also so self-conscious that I insisted on doing my workouts out of sight. By the end of our time together, just mere months later, I could confidently do all our workouts out in the open.

    Though I saw little change in my weight (decrease in fat, increase in muscle), I felt better and I was told by multiple people that I looked better. They would complement my glutes and quads. While we did a lot of customized upper body and arm workouts, Kelly didn’t forget about my physical limitation. She helped me with muscle release techniques designed to increase the range of motion in my limited right arm. I owe it to Kelly for opening me to a world I never thought was possible for me and she definitely showed me that even I am capable of doing this!

  • Arminder Chandi

    Having Kelly as my Personal Trainer I have seen great improvements in both my lower back and neck which I injured in a motor vehicle accident. I have improved my mobility and strength in these areas. Working with Kelly has made me feel more comfortable and confident with lifting weights and stretching, as I know she is a professional and that I will not injure myself under her instruction. Further, her ability to design and modify exercises to my specific needs has led to the improvements that I have seen thus far.

    “On top of focusing on my injuries, Kelly has helped me lose 40lbs in 6 months, with the weight loss and active rehabilitation I feel I could not have achieved it without her encouragement and expertise.”

  • Mike Hayer

    I always loved working out but I had a major issue with the fact that I never saw results in all the times I went. I would stop going for months on end. Then the time came when I was told I needed to shed some pounds by my doctor. He gave me my ideal weight to be at and that set me on my journey. I went to my local gym, signed up with Kelly, and never looked back.

    “She worked me to the point where I finally saw results I never thought I’d see. Kelly never gave up on me and would never let me give up on myself.”

    She even got me to the point where if I rested longer than I should she’d add in extra reps to make up for the time. Now 24lb lighter and gaining muscle to replace the fat I was sooo happy to lose!

  • Kristie Dhanoa

    If you are reading this, you are in the right place.  I met Kelly while trying to recover from a car accident a few years back.  By the time I was asking for her help I was severely overwhelmed with the chronic pain I was dealing with both physically and emotionally.
    Kelly was a great motivator not only for the physical work, but she was genuinely interested, and concerned about how I was feeling from session to session – she became my friend!  As she deals with individuals of all levels of fitness she is easily able to adapt to whatever questions, or concerns you have in your mind.
    I highly recommend Kelly for any of your fitness needs – whether it is getting you back on track with your diet, hiring her to help you lose a few pounds, or to assist in recovery during any physical challenges you may be dealing with such as chronic pain.
    Sometimes the fitness industry can be an intimidating one – everyone has different needs, and goals,  but with her experience, genuine character, and passion for her career you could not be in better hands!

  • Victoria Giles

    For the past 8 years my main source of exercise was Bikram Yoga, I practice it up to 4 days a week and eventually decided to teach it. I occasionally went to the gym but would always get bored with it and stopped. My weight was always normal but I had some pounds to lose and I wasn’t as toned as I knew I could be. One of my students I hadn’t seen in a while came to class and looked just amazing! I asked her what she did and she told me about her personal trainer Kelly MacDonald! Funnily enough I had been researching personal trainers the week before, after seeing the results she got I was sold.

    “Kelly taught me how to do weights properly and helped with my nutrition as well, providing me with lots of meal ideas and the best timing to eat them. She gave me new weekly workouts so I never got bored with the exercises, and was always challenged. I finally started learning how to eat properly for my body, enjoy these new foods, and feel more energy daily. Before I knew it I started dropping weight and my body started changing!”

    Her weight training made my body look amazing! Soon everyone started noticing the changes too, I even realized I hadn’t complained about my weight to my boyfriend in months because I was feeling so good! Training with Kelly was honestly one of the best investments in myself I have ever done!

  • Jessica Chan

    I have trained with Kelly since 2013. She quickly identified my strengths and weak points. Since then, Kelly has been working with me big time! She has helped me build strength and balance with her well-designed training program. I am so thankful for all her positive words, supportive food strategies and amazing strength ideas!

  • Halifax-Fitness-Instructor Henry Friesen

    I first met Kelly 4 years ago through a mutual friend who highly recommended her to me. I was very hesitant to get involved with a trainer and thought I would just do it myself (being the boss at work I was not interested in being told what to do). After several months of doing it alone, I noticed I wasn’t losing any more weight. I had started my journey to health and fitness earlier that year after a medical checkup revealed at 267lbs I had multiple issues, and was told I had sleep apnea, was obese, and at risk of diabetes and stroke. This made me realize I could no longer take my body and health for granted. At 59 years’ old this was serious enough to get me moving. I started by walking every evening along a favorite riverside trail. When I first started to walk I could barely walk 3 blocks before being short of breath and energy, this was early march in beautiful Richmond B.C. By September that same year I was walking briskly averaging 10K per day and maxed out at 18k a couple of times. I returned to my sleep clinic and found the sleep apnea had disappeared I no longer needed the machine to breath at night, they were astonished, they asked what I had done, I said I simply followed their advice to get fit and reduce calories. I was averaging 1500-2000 calories per day and losing weight. They were happy for me but sadly lost me as a customer.

    Then I went for a follow up to my family doctor and she was also amazed that my blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar, was normal, but my weight was still higher than it should be. I was down to 246lbs, However the circulation and breathing had helped, I was now on a mission so as the dark rainy fall weather arrived I joined a fitness club that included 10 sessions of a registered “Personal Trainer”. I had no idea what this was going to be like, so I trained on my own for a couple of months but couldn’t seem to lose any more weight. Finally, at the urging of my friend Meenu, I finally agreed to be introduced to Kelly. She immediately made me feel comfortable, and I saw her 2- 3 times a week, depending on my busy schedule. After my 10 sessions, I continued to work with Kelly, I learned so much about how to exercise properly and what foods to eat, and what would be best before and after a workout. She’s a great personal coach, recording my progress, providing helpful advice, and cheering me on.

    “I was amazed at how fast the pounds were coming off my body, I also really enjoyed Kelly’s style of exercise routines as they were never the same or too difficult to hurt myself, I was having fun, and looked forward to seeing her at every session, man did I sweat a lot!  I lost 20lbs in 3 months. I reached a new personal high in my life, I participated in the 10k Sun Run and climbed a 3500ft mountain that year.”

    Knowing Kelly as a trainer and now as a cherished friend, I highly recommend her as a trainer and assure you, you will get much more out of life and health and you will be making a loyal friend for life.

    Three years ago I moved away for work and continued to keep in touch and she still counseled me, as well as, kept track of my progress. I did really well for the 1st year and a half then started to slip in my routine, recently I moved back to her area and reconnected with Kelly for lunch, just meeting with her gave me the mental strength to get back on track. I’ve now walked 5k every day for 30 days straight, and kept my calorie intake around 2000, I feel great again, my body is slimming down, and I think of Kelly when I walk, her smile makes me want to succeed. She genuinely cares about her clients.