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Joan Pauls

At 198lbs, my new personal trainer Kelly gave me a fitness goal of losing 40lbs. Being 73 years old I thought she was crazy thinking she could even get 10lbs off of me!!  Then she had me doing food and water log and had me not only training but doing “homework” workouts. Not only did Kelly show me how to properly use the exercise machines, she taught me the importance and how to use all the free weights and body weight exercises. Before I knew it, I was using the TRX, and BOSU ball too! She gave me great ideas for meals and snacks and had me work to fulfill my potential always pushing me to get better. At the weekly weigh-ins she looked at my “fat” percentage while some weeks I lost 3lbs, others 1 or 2. The unbelievable result was my mobility and balance.

“At age 73 I had come to accept my aches and pains. I did not know these aches and pains could be fixed. Kelly was able to put together exercises that strengthened my back muscles, so that after a month I began to be without pain when I would bend over. I called her my miracle worker!”

I worked out with her twice a week. She also would write our exercise programs for me for the other days and workouts if I would be travelling. When I bought my membership at the gym I was totally INTIMIDATED by EVERYTHING. I had not been in a gym since high school (55 years ago). Kelly helped me to become knowledgeable and comfortable with it. On July 27th, 2014 my 52-year-old son (a football coach) challenged and encouraged me to do the grouse grind-it was killer but I did it in 2 hours 18 mins. It had been an unattainable goal- something only the athletic types do. My husband started getting fit in Spring of 2013. He constantly urged me to join him, my excuses were no time, no energy, and my body was too old to change.  Sept., 2014 at my yearly physical check-up, my doctor couldn’t believe the transformation and told me “I was in spectacular health and shape” I am now on no medications at 74 years old.

I enjoy life with its many activities and say a big thanks you to Kelly MacDonald - a remarkable trainer. I have learned a totally new lifestyle for the first time. I know I can live this way to be 100 years old according to my doctor!!!!

My wish is to encourage every person that it’s never too late to start to change your lifestyle especially after 70! You don’t need to live with aches and pains if you get stronger muscles!! Not only do I sleep much better and feel fabulous, it’s a bonus changing my entire wardrobe to a size XS, and a 4 or 6!