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Meenu Bakshi

Capable, caring, committed and compassionate.  All of these words start with a ‘C’, but end with Kelly!  Her knowledge and expertise in human kinetics, rehabilitation and nutrition makes her a remarkable personal trainer; when considered with her character and heart, it’s plain to see that Kelly is an extraordinary human being.

Kelly and I met in January 2013.  She proactively called me because she reviewed the details of my gym membership and saw that I was inactive…very inactive.  Her timing was impeccable as I was finally committed to getting back to being my healthy and cheerful self after 5 years of difficult life experiences that consisted of the loss of my mom and my best friend, as well as health challenges.

“Through Kelly’s encouragement, butt-kicking and perseverance, she helped me recover from my injuries, taught me how to eat properly and elevated my training capabilities. Within one year, I was back in superior athletic form.  Today I am stronger, fitter and thinner than I was as a provincial championship basketball player.”

With Kelly’s guidance, insight and support I have achieved what I once thought was impossible: being in better shape than I was in my early 20’s.  Just look, at the pictures; at the age of 39 I’m living proof that you can age backwards!